“Yogis believe that in the deepest quiet of our true self is an already illumined being. At our very core, we are wide awake, conscious and aware of our own sacred nature.”


author | mindfulness teacher
urban yoga monk


Embodied: An Urban Yogi's Memoir + Manifesto for Modern Living

Enter into the wild wisdom-experience of a modern urban yogi who used her life as fuel for radical personal transformation - for both herself and her students. Honing the ancient tools of yoga’s philosophy in entirely modern ways, this book is part memoir, part thought leadership, part toolkit for modern living. Accessible, deep, darkly humorous and inspiring.

Swami Jaya Devi is a mindfulness teacher, author, meditation facilitator and urban yoga monk. She is an authorized Acharya, or revered spiritual teacher, in the Saraswati Dattatreya lineage, and is an insightful guide and mentor. By gleaning yoga’s ancient wisdom teachings in modern, accessible ways, Swami brings joyful depth to the process of radical personal transformation, for herself and her students.


Swami is the author of Embodied: An Urban Yogi's Memoir + Manifesto for Modern Living and The Classical Yoga Teachers Training Manual. She has trained hundreds of teachers and led mindfulness and meditation at the CDC, CNN, Coca Cola, Georgia Tech, the Fetzer Institute, Ft. Lauderdale Yoga Festival and the Upswell Conference. She has been inspiring people to use non-denominational spiritual practice to “drink as they pour” for over 30 years. Swami offers talks, meditation training, retreats and workshops globally.


“The toolkit of yoga guides us through a process of yoking all our broken fragments back together into the true, whole version of ourselves.”

– Swami Jaya Devi